Technology specially technology for the communication means has been changing since the evolution of time. As we know that from the stories we have heard and studied the sign language were used to communicate before the development of verbal and written language . And then the ink played the role.


Every person is related to either of the electronics and software products. People are finding themselves easy to live with the technology. Finding new and old friends, getting into relationships are being easy with the use of technological products in modern lifestyle. Cellphone are considered as most important property in today’s lifestyle.

Humane tech

Every individual are needed to be aware of the impact of social media and technology. The inhumane nature of the technology should be stopped. Every development should be humane development. Our development of any technological product should not disturb any person in any generation of present or future. The Humane development of Technology is most important for today’s time.


Living Around Technology has conducted programs to students of many colleges and schools all over the country to eliminate the technology related problem like cybercrime, online bullying, online harassment, internet addiction, mobile addiction, etc.


“This program is very important for every youths in the society. Internet, cellphones, social medias have destroyed the culture and norms of the society. This program can help society to stay stable with its norms and values. Every individuals are also needed to be aware about this impact of technology to them. “

“Living Around Technology is conducting very necessary program for youths and students of today. Cyber crime is in increasing rate. Nepal police also conducts these type of programs but the difference is LAT is giving a very detailed education and awareness on this topic. I got many new things attending this program conducted by Living Around Technology.”

“The response to the program conducted by LAT team was very impressive. Our students were very happy and they were very thankful to the school management for conducting this program. This is one of the basic program necessary in every schools and colleges.”

“i have been observing the programs of living Around Technology very closely. I feel that this is the most important program for any students to grow better and safer”

“Considering the present context this is very important program for every students . Program is representing the solution to  the most common problems among youths of this generations. I suggest to conduct these programs to more schools and colleges”

“This is very important program for everyone in the society. Students, parents, teachers all should be attending the program conducted by LAT. Today’s youths are highly negatively affected by technology and LAT gives the solutions. I recommend every institutions of Nepal to conduct this awareness programs”

We went to more than 5000 students of different places of Nepal

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