Simple ways smartphones are damaging the life of families in developing countries

Imagine your family has more than 4 members . Your child doesn’t go to school because you cannot pay fees. You have to work as a laborer for 10 to 12 hours a day and you earn 5 dollars. You are the only working member of your family.

Due to circumstances like these, people from every part of my country are going to the Middle East in masses just to earn 250 dollars to 350 dollars a month.Now along comes technology.When a laborer asks his family what to buy for them, the only answer is a smartphone with a very good camera. And so he sends one or more cellphones costing two months’ salary before sending one dollar for food. And yes, the family is happy with the phones and without food.

Another common story goes like this.

The local porn sites are full of videos that are made in the homes of families like these. They don’t even know how to change the password of their social media account. Some of the nude photos are shared in social media messages by married couples and then leaked by someone from the community who knows their password. Or their private videos are taken from the mobile phone repair shop, which can use simple software to recover all the information stored there.

And the story continues.

It is a community where, per their culture, a lady must not show her full face or body parts except hands and legs to the male members of the family or community. When her nude videos or photos are seen by everybody, there is no chance for her to go to the police station because she cannot utter a word on that topic to anybody in this world. She thinks only of suicide or gets depressed, feeling she will be hated for all of her life.

There are many more stories. People take revenge through social media and cannot contact the police due to the moral damage.

Economically backward countries are facing great damage due to smartphones and social media. This is why I am working with my team to empower youths, to help them save their lives through awareness and motivate them to use cellphones and the internet in beneficial ways.

Technology, Internet And Humane Tech

History To Present

Technology specially technology for the communication means has been changing since the evolution of time. As we know that from the stories we have heard and studied the sign language were used to communicate before the development of verbal and written language . And then the ink played the role.
For the long distance communication people used to send the letters written in leaf and papers through travelling salesmen or birds like pigeon. So many centuries passed and people of this generation have been very familiar to the sending letters through postal office and land line telephone call as regular means of communication. Television, radio were our first experience of broadcast communication.
And now, Since some years before here comes the technology of computers, laptops and cellphones. These are most sophisticated electronics technology that are very common in every individuals.
To give life to these electronics goods social media technology has the top role. The software and hard ware combination are making this technology great tool to use.

Every person is related to either of the electronics and software products. People are finding themselves easy to live with the technology. Finding new and old friends, getting into relationships are being easy with the use of technological products in modern lifestyle. Cellphone are considered as most important property in today’s lifestyle.

Every Coin Has Two Sides.

The positive aspect of technology of cellphone and social media is so great that people are earning immense amount of money with little investment, people are getting any kind of updates and knowledge. In summary the whole package of every thing to do in life is in a single cellphone and social media.

There are huge improvements and attractiveness in technological products day by day. The attractiveness of the technology has been increasing in a very immense way. People are paying any money to buy a good cellphone.

The negative aspects of technology hits in peoples’ life so much that it is affecting people economically, socially, personally and more . The most of the crime cases involve technology. Social media have become safe heaven for the identity hiding criminals. The problem is widening in such a way that it can destroy every society’s norms withing a very close future.


Problems Have Solutions In Them

Most of the problems created by technology are solved with its good use. The main education in every individual necessary is awareness. The users, developers, sellers and all technology giants should be aware of the technology impacts to human kind in future and in present.

The awareness and civic sense is most necessary. The misuse can be converted into the beneficial use, the loss due to technology can be reversed to the gain from technology.

Every individual are needed to be aware of the impact of social media and technology. The inhumane nature of the technology should be stopped. Every development should be humane development. Our development of any technological product should not disturb any person in any generation of present or future.
The Humane development of Technology is most important for today’s time.

Our Relationship With Cell Phones

Living Around Technology is established to research and reduce
the ongoing and growing problems of mobile phones, computer, internet, etc. and its related crimes through awareness. The problems such as cybercrime, online bullying, online harassment, internet addiction, mobile addiction, etc. are seen in rural as well as urban areas of our country.

Has technology made our life easier?

Although technology has made peoples life simple and easy, people are oblivious about its negative impact. The cases of cyber crime and other effects of technology such as online bullying, online harassment, threat, etc. are yet not commonly noticed but creating huge impact on common life of people. Most of the people who are underage are influenced by tablets, mobile, laptop, internet, social media etc.

Calling Accidents Through Cell Phones

Kathmandu is the most populated city in Nepal. Here most of the people use motorbike to travel locally within city. Huge traffic jams have more than 60 percent of motorbikes.
Almost all of the bikers have cell phone. Nowadays while i ride my motorcycle i observe other drivers and riders. Within one kilometers of straight ride i can easily find more than 50 people using their cell phones under their helmet talking in the phone . and in some worst cases they do use cell phone by one hand and ride with only other hand.

i don’t think this is due to their hurry of work instead this is next level of carelessness.
yes there are traffic rules that prohibits the cellphone use while driving or riding. People are so creative to decorate their carelessness that they started using small bluetooth head set which can easily fit under bike helmet . and most of the people putting their cellphone within helmet argue with traffic police that they have not used cell phone while riding instead they have just put under helmet.

This is why traffic police are not paying much attention to these cases. this totally freaks me out.
the only way is to aware people. i have plans to solve these problems but i cannot handle all these with resources i have.

Example Case

In one case i stopped a biker and told him not to use phone while riding. the reply i got was “it is my phone and it is my bike who are you to interrupt?” then i realized this is the answer due to addiction.
this needs to be solved . people need to be aware . we need to run very fast . yes we need to stop people calling road accidents through cell phone.