Calling Accidents Through Cell Phones

Kathmandu is the most populated city in Nepal. Here most of the people use motorbike to travel locally within city. Huge traffic jams have more than 60 percent of motorbikes.
Almost all of the bikers have cell phone. Nowadays while i ride my motorcycle i observe other drivers and riders. Within one kilometers of straight ride i can easily find more than 50 people using their cell phones under their helmet talking in the phone . and in some worst cases they do use cell phone by one hand and ride with only other hand.

i don’t think this is due to their hurry of work instead this is next level of carelessness.
yes there are traffic rules that prohibits the cellphone use while driving or riding. People are so creative to decorate their carelessness that they started using small bluetooth head set which can easily fit under bike helmet . and most of the people putting their cellphone within helmet argue with traffic police that they have not used cell phone while riding instead they have just put under helmet.

This is why traffic police are not paying much attention to these cases. this totally freaks me out.
the only way is to aware people. i have plans to solve these problems but i cannot handle all these with resources i have.

Example Case

In one case i stopped a biker and told him not to use phone while riding. the reply i got was “it is my phone and it is my bike who are you to interrupt?” then i realized this is the answer due to addiction.
this needs to be solved . people need to be aware . we need to run very fast . yes we need to stop people calling road accidents through cell phone.

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