Awareness Programs

Living Around Technology(LAT)  has been running different awareness programs related to cyber crime and other impacts due to modern technology.
We aware people about the current law and rules on technology use and abuse.
We do focus on best use of technology in life for beneficial ways in economic development and education gain. 
Our program has pushed youths, teachers and whole of the participants to use technology in better ways and stay aware of its impacts.


we counsel any needy person on the technology impacts, social media problems, cyber crime case solving and more.

We are always open to those students who need any kind of knowledge or help in the field of positive use of technology. Our team give their best to help students stay safe and grow better with technology.

Counselling parents is the most necessary thing these days. Parents counselling is giving the best result in the life of children, students and institutions.
We counsel parents about the use of technology use and its impacts. parents are very happy with our counselling strategy.

We counsel teachers about the best use of technology. The relationship of us with technology and more. Teachers find our program very effective in use. 

LAT team counsels any person of community who are in need of the awareness and the basic technology education. 
We are always happy to serve any one in need of any thing possible from our highest effort.

Solving Cases

One of the problem that social media has created is the psychological problems. 
There are many long terms and short term problems. We help any people who need psychological solutions due to the technology misuse. we help with various techniques and counselling with experts.

With the help of our experience and the collaboration with Nepal Police(specially cyber crime department) we solve cyber crime cases that any one has faced and asked the help for.

Nowadays most of the disputes among people are created due to social media connections. Some of the disputes grow bigger and cause problems. We help people solve disputes that is created due to social medias and various technology.

LAT team solves any kind of problems created by technological misuse and its not just about solving we always put our effort to aware people so that problems cannot repeat in future. 

Social Technology

Web Applications
web to help us 30%
Mobile Applications
Cell Phone for society 50%
Electronics for social good 50%


We conduct different awareness program to different age group, community and as a whole many people as much as possible. While conducting program we take survey on those people to know the present situation on the topic of our research and program. 

we give questionnaire, ask different questions, learn about the community relationship with technology . In this way we take survey. 

These survey data are analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively to give the best conclusion on the concerned topic.

This process gives the best output on developing law and order needed to the society when government is aware on this results and conclusions.

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